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Man found possession of gunpowder, incendiary wire, jungle knife and nearly 6,000 rounds - District Court believed explanation for hobby


There was not enough evidence to prepare the crime.

Gunpowder, body armor, cut protection gloves, stingrays, fists, jungle knife, gas sprayer, over 600 cartridges, fire and incendiary wire, gun barrels, 5,700 shotgun guides and guides to the production of firearms and explosives. Among these, all were found in the possession of a 27-year-old man in the Turku region in October 2019.

The goods were charged with aggravated assault on a life or health crime, which was heard in the District Court of Southwest Finland early in the week. In the end, the man was only convicted of an explosives precursor offense, a firearms offense and a drug offense.

The defendant stated that he had long been interested in all aspects of pyrotechnics, weapon building and archery. In 2017, he found a comment in a comment on a Youtube video to a file with instructions on how to make weapons. The downloaded file contained 271 different items.

- Holding the guides is not a crime. When you download a torrent file, your computer will be downloaded extensively and a lot. The file is unmanageable and you can't know what's going to happen to the machine, the defense said.

The defendant admitted stealing cartridges from the Defense Forces. The defendant told about the knives he had been collecting since 2016, but they were only in his collections, as were the fists. In 2018, he had made a fireworks display that he had shown to his family. The defendant had intended to build the shotgun itself, but it had remained unfinished. He had also done various tests, such as melting lead.

Between 2016 and 2019, the defendant had ordered items found in its possession online. According to the defendant, he was "thrilled to perform pyrotechnic experiments" but his intention was not to do any harm.

The defendant is from a religious family he visits every month. She did not keep in touch with other people and suffered from sleep deprivation.

According to the testimony of the defendant's father, his son had been the only of the brothers in the army and had been sorry that the soldiers had been trained to kill people.

"He's a good-hearted boy and loves animals," he said.

According to the District Court, a full guilty verdict is required for a guilty verdict, leaving no room for serious doubt. The witness's report supported the defendant's account of his long-standing interest in fireworks. In addition, the defendant did not possess a functional firearm. The District Court concluded that the defendant did not appear to have been in possession of the objects for the purpose of preparing the crime.

The man was convicted of an explosive source offense, a firearms offense and a drug offense and fined 80 days, amounting to € 480. Due to the three months' imprisonment, he was considered to have served his sentence. In addition, some of the goods in his possession were confiscated to the State.

The judgment is not final and may be appealed through the Court of Appeal. Prosecutor Kimmo Virtanen has expressed his dissatisfaction with the entire sentence within the time limit.

Source: isfi

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