• Bribes on public contracts in Messina: 5 arrests
  • Corruption contracts Anas, Pignatone: "Depressing feeling of the daily life of corruption"


February 24, 2016

Seals to the Catania construction giant. After being overwhelmed by the national investigation on a large round of bribes, the seizure of shares and shares of the Catania group Tecnis of Mimmo Costanzo and Concept Bosco Lo Giudice, active in the realization of large infrastructure works in Italy and abroad. Shares and shares worth over one and a half billion euros seized

Costanzo and Bosco Lo Giudice had been arrested four months ago by the Guardia di Finanza as part of the investigation into the Anas called "Black Lady". According to the new accusations collected by the investigators of the Carabinieri Ros, the companies of the two entrepreneurs "would have been enslaved to the Catania family of Cosa Nostra". The investigations, in fact, have revealed how the gangs of various provinces exercised their weight, in a sort of tacit agreement between them, sometimes endorsed by specially convened meetings. Investigators have thus ascertained that the group has undergone strong pressure, an "enslavement" that has allowed Cosa Nostra to replenish its coffers, but above all to the top representatives of the organization to somehow govern the armature, obtaining sub contracts and supplies to companies close to the gang, "increasing their power and prestige also among the Palermitan families" and allowing companies close to them to infiltrate the sector of public contracts, even large ones.

Tecnis Spa: public contracts for almost 800 million euros per year
The group's leading company is Tecnis Spa, with about 700 direct employees, an entrepreneurial giant with a share capital of 32 billion euros, 50% divided between Artemis Spa and Cogip Holding Srl, which has been awarded public contracts for almost 800 million euros per year. From the Catania subway, to the works of the railway ring and the sewer collector of Palermo, passing through the port of Catania, that of Ragusa, the interport of Catania as well as Salerno Reggio Calabria, to the new hospitals of Sibaritide and of the Piana di Gioia Tauro and hundreds of other orders that made Tecnis the first company in Southern Italy. Among the works entrusted to Tecnis there is also a lot of the "Scorciavacche" viaduct, on the Palermo - Agrigento, collapsed last December a week after the inauguration.

Costanzo and Bosco Lo Giudice were known for battles against the extortion racket
Francesco Domenico Costanzo and Concept Bosco Lo Giudice, still under house arrest on charges of corruption, are also known for their battles against the racket of extortion and for having signed legality protocols for each contract. In October last year the two resigned from the board of Tecnis who appointed the former Quaestor of Palermo and Messina and former national director of the Dia, Tuccio Pappalardo, as president of the company's supervisory body.

In November 2015 the prefect of Catania, Maria Guia Federico, suspended the anti-mafia certificate and appointed prof. Saverio Ruperto. The civil law professor at the 'La Sapienza' university in Rome and former undersecretary of the Interior Ministry of the Monti government has now been appointed as judicial administrator of Tecnis. Francesco Domenico Costanzo was among the favorites in the renewal of the top management of Confindustria Catania.