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  • More than 2,200 people died from the new coronavirus epidemic, almost exclusively in China but no longer only.
  • The appearance of new cases of coronavirus contamination in South Korea, Iran, as well as in Chinese hospitals and prisons, rekindles concerns about the spread on Friday.
  • 34 French nationals from the Wuhan region, the epicenter of the epidemic, are due to arrive in Normandy today for two weeks of quarantine.



A new plane repatriating French people took off from Wuhan


"Contagion", "Plague Inc." ... These films and games have become a viral phenomenon

8:43 a.m .: Psychosis

The Ukrainian Minister of Health announced joining in quarantine 72 people evacuated from Wuhan, epicenter of the new coronavirus, as a sign of solidarity after residents denouncing their hospitalization nearby caused violence. Hundreds of residents of Novi Sanjary clashed with police on Thursday to oppose the arrival in a rest center of this small village in the center of Ukraine of 45 Ukrainians and 27 foreigners, mainly from 'Latin America.

8:35 a.m .: New concern in China

At least 200 detainees and seven guards from Rencheng Prison in Jining, eastern Shandong Province, have been infected with the new coronavirus, provincial health officials told a news conference. At the same time, at least 34 cases of contamination were identified in Shilifeng Prison, in eastern Zhejiang Province. Hubei, province of central China at the epicenter of the epidemic, also reported Friday of 271 cases of contamination in its prisons, including 220 cases which had not been identified by provincial authorities so far. .

Despite drastic containment measures and traffic restrictions taken by the authorities, this surge in contamination in prisons raises fears of the appearance of new outbreaks of contagion in places where large populations are confined.

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