Iranian parliamentary elections begin voting Headwinds against government supporters February 21 16:33

In Iran, where the confrontation with the United States is deepening, a parliamentary election voting has begun. The forces supporting the Rouhani administration, which has emphasized dialogue with the United States and Europe, have been exposed to headwinds while the economy has become more severe due to US sanctions, and conservative hard-liners who view the United States as an opponent are increasing the number of seats.

With the expiration of the four-year term, Iran's parliamentary elections began voting on the 21st, with about 7,100 candidates running for 290 seats.

At the polling place in Tehran, the capital, voters voted on the candidate's name while looking at handwritten notes, etc., and cast one vote.

In Iran, the United States' Trump administration has unilaterally withdrawn from the nuclear agreement and reopened sanctions, which has led to economic deterioration and frequent anti-government demonstrations.

`` Moderates '' and `` reformers '' in support of President Rouhani, who have emphasized dialogue with the United States and Europe, have been exposed to headwinds, and many conservative institutions that examine pre-candidate qualifications in advance Was disqualified.

Conservative hardliners, on the other hand, are gaining more seats by taking advantage of the anti-American mood, which was heightened by the United States killing of the commander of the Revolutionary Guard. If the hardliners' voices increase, tensions with the West may increase.

On the other hand, voters are expected to decline from 62% last time, with many voters saying they would not go to voting because they had no hope of politics.

The voting is scheduled for 11:30 pm Japan time on the 21st, after which the counting will begin, and it will take a few days for the majority to be identified.