• Double attack: An ultra-rightist murders 10 people in Germany in a double attack
  • Terrorism.Tobias R, the author of the attack in Germany that "had never had a relationship with a woman"

"It has been the worst of my life. I still have in my ears the noise of the shots and in the retina of my eyes the blood, " Natalie tells THE WORLD. This young Kurdish remembers that at the time of the shooting, around 10 pm, she was with friends sharing a hookah in the 'Shisha Lounge Bar Midnight', located in the center of the German city of Hanau. Next to the door, candles and flower bouquets accumulate. One of them, red and yellow roses knotted in a white tulle bow, was deposited by Interior Minister Horst Seehofer .

Time has stopped in Hanau. Abruptly. The city, and with it the whole country, drowns in the bloodbath caused on Wednesday night by a 43-year-old German with a sports arms license and possessed by racism and xenophobia. Nine dead, all of them foreigners and most Turks, in two successive attacks on bars frequented by immigrants. After releasing his hatred, Tobias Rathjen drove home, killed his 72-year-old mother and committed suicide. Next to his body, the police found the weapon used in the killing. I had two more.

Natalie doesn't remember who called the police. "But the ambulances arrived immediately. We were all paralyzed, unable to react . The police asked us to go outside and then cut it, although the center is empty when the stores close."

Shortly after the same scene was reproduced, just five minutes by car, in a square in the west of the city. On this occasion there were five dead. The number of wounded increased to six, one of them in serious condition.

"I was not at the kiosk, but my employee, my nephew and three clients. All have died," business owner Kemal Kocak, a broken man, told EL MUNDO. "I saw them there, lying on the ground ....."

Kocak, who has been sleeping since midnight on Wednesday, when he was notified of what happened, walks up and down the street as a soul in pain. The neighborhood in which its premises are located is working class. The adjoining buildings are hives and the transfer continues, but "we all know each other here and we have never had problems because of our origin. We never felt rejected, so I knew from the beginning that the murderer could not be from here," he added. Kocak, who cut the conversation because "he can't talk anymore".

"Racism is poison." Hate is poison. And this poison occurs in our society "

Angela Merkel

The city of Hanau, cradle of the Grimm Brothers and headquarters of important technology companies, mourns. The people questioned in the street say they are "shocked", "deeply sad", "horrified" and "very worried" about what happened. "We will never forget this."

Carnival festivities have been suspended in the city and in some locations in the neighboring 'Land' of North Rhine Westphalia. In Hamburg, where elections are held this weekend, there will be no new electoral events and the two schools next to the Midnight bar, which did not open their doors yesterday by police order, will remain closed until Monday.

"Racism is poison. Hate is poison. And this poison occurs in our society and is already responsible for too many crimes. From the crimes of the (ultra-right cell) NSU to the deaths (around the synagogue) of Halle, passing for the murder of (the conservative local politician) Walter Lübcke, "said Chancellor Angela Merkel after confirming that both Hanau attacks had the same common denominator. "We do not differentiate by religion or origin. We confront those who try to divide Germany with all our strength and determination," he added.

The chancellor gave no names, but the president of her party and defense minister, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, verbalized the acronym of the party that everyone had in mind. "There will never be collaboration with Alternative for Germany (AfD), a formation that tolerates Nazis in its ranks, and I say it consciously. It feeds hate speech." said.

AfD's reaction was swift and the first to speak was the representative of its most radical wing, Björn Höcker , in the spotlight of the Interior secret services and against which the Dresden Prosecutor's Office has opened a summary for a speech delivered this weekend in an act of the anti-migration movement Pegida inciting hatred: "Our solidarity with the victims. Madness seems to appropriate more and more of this country," he said.

His mentor and former AfD co-chairman Alexander Gauland said he "had no words" to describe the tragedy, but found them to attack Kramp-Karrenbauer for his "shameful attempt to instrumentalize what happened in order to discredit the political opponent."

"I have read the Federal Prosecutor's communication and he says that on the website of that individual he has found a video and a manifesto full of conspiracy theories and delusions. This has not been an attack of extreme right, but that of a disturbed and as such we have to regret it, "he stressed.

Tens of thousands of radicals

For the leader of the liberal party, Christian Lindner , the Hanau attacks have highlighted that "Germany is at the center of far-right terrorism. We need a new architecture in security and an inventory of the extreme right, to know who they are and where they are And we have to fight against a political climate that favors it. If we listen to Höcke, we don't have to spin fine to imagine that his propaganda can influence individuals or groups, "he said.

The Interior Ministry estimates that in Germany there are almost 14,000 right-wing extremists willing to use violence , in groups or alone. In the last attacks, the aggressor acted alone and neither in Hanau has the Federal Prosecutor's Office found signs that Tobias Rathjen had help, even if his network of contacts in Germany and abroad was reviewed.

It's too late for the victims. Even when the political class ventures that the Hanau attacks will mark a before and after. "We cannot ignore the fact that there is a far-right terrorism in Germany, 75 years after the Nazi dictatorship. We have to defend our liberal democracy," said Deputy Foreign Minister and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz .

The shock, also in citizenship, is widespread, Thousands of people took to the streets in Berlin and Hanau to wrap the victims and their relatives in their duel. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier joined the vigil in Hanau with his wife.

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