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Director of Doctors Under Fire: The West should be ashamed of his absence in Syria


The director of Doctors Under Fire and the medical NGO consultant in Idlib, Dr. Hamish Gordon, criticized the “shameful” West’s failure to see the civilian catastrophe in Syria at a time when it is doing the impossible to contain the Corona virus.

He said in his article for the Daily Telegraph that he and other doctors who are taking a strong part in the Syrian humanitarian support are swimming against a rapid wave of indifference, as the most atrocious acts are within sight of everyone in the midst of the fighting in Idlib Governorate.

He added that after eight years of war, it seems that the climax of Western intervention is just vulgar phrases at the United Nations. It is clear that for the time being we will only warm, feed and protect the miserable in Idlib with words instead of deeds, and no head of state, prime minister, senior official or tyrant can say that they have not seen this tragedy.

Convoys of Syrian civilians forced to bomb the Syrian regime to flee to the Turkish border (Anatolia)

He wondered how easy it would have been if NATO had accomplished this task had it not been for fear of loud voices in some Western armies who claimed that the mythical S400 missiles that the Russians gave to Assad outpaced the ability of Western fighters. Nevertheless, it appears that the Israelis have carried out hundreds of air strikes on Syria with impunity.

He stressed the need for the West to do its utmost to find a solution, and that any plan must defeat the "jihadists" from al Qaeda and the Islamic State without more innocent civilians becoming collateral damage to this act.

And he added that he would not defeat these jihadists with the scorched earth policy pursued by Assad, but with precise strikes from the air and the ground, as the American coalition showed in its defeat of ISIS last year.

Gordon suggested that Western countries, including Britain, were totally opposed to intervening to save civilian lives in Syria, yet they pumped $ 3.5 billion in aid from others by proxy.

He added that the role of the West, according to the Russian Foreign Minister in his speech at the Munich Security Conference last week, is apparently limited to adapting to the new situation and rebuilding Syria with our billions once Assad becomes completely in control. Our question: Is this how the West’s role should be reduced to following the orders of dictators?

Dr. Gordon hopes, at the end of his article, that the confident New World Britain, with its new leader and team, will pay attention to the children of Syria and, if necessary, use the best military forces to provide humanitarian aid amid the Idlib disaster before it is too late.

Source: aljazeera

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