Bolivia: Evo Morales' candidacy for the Senate invalidated

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales at a press conference in Buenos Aires on January 27, 2020. REUTERS / Mario De Fina / File Photo

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The Bolivian Supreme Electoral Court invalidated Evo Morales' candidacy for the Senate on Thursday, February 20, because the ex-president, exiled in Argentina, does not fulfill the obligation of "permanent residence" in the country.


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Evo Morales had left Bolivia for Mexico after he resigned in November, after weeks of protests against him and under pressure from the armed forces, following a controversial presidential election. He then took refuge in Argentina.

The court decision " is a blow against democracy. The members (of this tribunal) know that I meet the conditions to be a candidate. The ultimate goal is the elimination of MAS, ”responded Evo Morales on Twitter, speaking of his party, the Movement to Socialism (MAS).

The decision of the Tribunal Supremo Electoral is a golpe against democracy. Los miembros del @TSEBolivia saben que cumplo todos los requisitos para ser candidato. The final object is the proscription of the MAS.

Evo Morales Ayma (@evoespueblo) February 21, 2020

The ex-head of state, 60, prosecuted in his country for " sedition and terrorism " and who cannot stand for the presidential election, wishes to run for a senatorial post in the Cochabamba region (center) where he has started his political career.

Evo Morales had declared himself victorious in the October 20 poll for a fourth term, but the opposition had cried fraud. After several weeks of demonstrations and his release by the police and the army, he announced his resignation and the elections were canceled.

The general elections of May 3 aim to elect the president, the vice-president as well as 36 senators and 120 deputies. In the event of a second round, the ballot will take place on June 14. According to the latest polls, Luis Arce, dubbed by Morales, is widely in the lead in voting intentions, with 31.6%, ahead of the centrist former head of state Carlos Mesa (17.1%) and the president by interim conservative Jeanine Añez (16.5%).

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