"Top Chef" is back Wednesday evening. On this occasion, Michel Sarran was the guest of the Matthieu Noël show on Europe 1. The jury of the culinary program returns to the reasons which led him to wear a black jacket rather than the traditional white jacket.

Michel Sarran wants to stand out and he assumes it. The juror of the show "Top Chef", which returns to the screens Wednesday, for an eleventh season, evokes the reasons which pushed him to adopt a black jacket, at the microphone of Matthieu Noël for Europe 1. While most chefs wear the traditional white jacket, Michel Sarran prefers it black.

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"Slimming virtues"

"It's out of coquetry," he admits in "The wild team", on Europe 1. "In 2003 at a trade show, I tried black jackets and I found it rather elegant. J 'I ordered two, they arrived the day I received my second Michelin star. "

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Since then, he never leaves this accoutrement which is now his trademark. But it is also for another reason, and not the least, that he adopted black: "I also realized that it had slimming virtues!", He smiles.