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Patrizia Mirigliani, "I denounced my son to save him, I had no choice"


The son: "I do not hide my problems with drugs but now I am clean: I hope they will take off this electronic bracelet"


20 February 2020``I denounced my son to save him, it is the greatest pain of my life but I had no choice ''. Patrizia Mirigliani says so in an interview with Selvaggia Lucarelli published on '' after the judge, two days ago, activated the red code following the complaint by the patron of Miss Italy against her 31-year-old son Nicola for extortion , threats and violence. For two days, therefore, the son has been outside the house where he lived with his mother, with the electronic bracelet and subjected to the precautionary measure of the prohibition on approaching less than 400 meters away from the Mirigliani. "I have been fighting for twelve years of my life, Nicola suffers from addictions, I have brought him to seven communities. If I have come to the point of denouncing my son, it is because I am destroyed", says Mirigliani after learning that it was the same son who wanted to reveal this story. '' My mother kicked me out of the house - says Nicola - saying to make my life. But she cannot do it, by law she must keep me up to 34 years of age, she cannot leave me like that and I will make a civil complaint. Now she made three complaints and asked everyone who knows me not to help me. I do not hide my problems with drugs, they started at 18, now I am 31, in the past I did some theft at home, but I am a good boy and now I am clean. Friday I will be heard by the judge, I hope they will take off this bracelet. My mother did the worst thing you can do to a child and I want to make it public, it's unforgivable. ''

But Mirigliani replies: "He wants me to keep him alive with his vices but I don't accept him anymore, my son must be well and build a future. This magistrate understood the unsustainable situation and activated the red code. To me he is sorry for the electronic bracelet, but it was constant pressure with screams and requests for money, Nicola has been stealing me at home for twelve years.Father and I are desperate, it is the most devastating battle I have ever had. ''

Source: rainews

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