29 March 2018 Silvana Saguto is out of the judiciary. The disciplinary section of the CSM, accepting the requests of the deputy attorney general of the Cassation, Mario Fresa, decided the maximum sanction for the former president of the preventive measures of the Palermo court ended on trial in Caltanissetta and accused of having given birth to a real and its own system which, according to the prosecutors, would have allowed a very casual management of the assets confiscated from the mafia through a network of judicial administrators chosen from family and friends. Charges that will be evaluated on trial. In the meantime, the CSM has closed its proceedings for disciplinary violations.

Slighter penalties for two former judges of Saguto, and who had related proceedings before the CSM: for Fabio Licata, who is now judge at Patti, loss of two months of seniority; for Lorenzo Chiaramonte (transferred to Marsala), censorship. Acquittal instead for Guglielmo Muntoni, president of the Prevention Measures section of Rome, who is not imputed to Caltanissetta: for him the disciplinary procedure was linked to the hypothesis of his interest in having a job with Saguto's husband. Also Tommaso Virga, former member of the CSM, now at the Rome court of appeal was acquitted: his son Walter, a lawyer, is among the administrators who ended up at the center of the Saguto case.

The decision on Silvana Saguto came after a series of hearings had been postponed in recent months, because she had presented as many medical certificates without ever going to the Palazzo dei Marescialli. On February 22, after yet another postponement, the CSM had given her the possibility to use a videoconference from the court of Palermo allowing her another month of time. This brings us to today, when Saguto did not appear at the hearing and decided not to use the videoconference, asking for another postponement since "he does not intend to renounce the power to make spontaneous declarations", said Eleonora Savio, a lawyer who replacement of Giulia Bongiorno represented her before the disciplinary. Application rejected by the CSM, which considered that there was no legitimate impediment.

The indictment of the deputy Attorney General of the Cassation Mario Fresa lasts: "Saguto has not allowed to continue his or her other related proceedings for months. The latest medical certificate does not say again and is dated 21 March: today is 29. Saguto is trying to evade the judgment to avoid the shame of the penalty. " But the sanction has arrived, and it is the toughest. If wished he will be able to contest it in front of the united civil sections of the Cassation.