China Healthcare workers infected more than 3,000 people Nosocomial infections consecutively February 20 7:39

It has been a month since the Chinese government began to take full control of the spread of the new coronavirus, but the surge in the number of patients has prolonged the burden on healthcare workers, and doctors and nurses have become infected in hospitals. Cases have continued, and how to prevent hospital-acquired infections has become a serious issue.

1 month stand on the Chinese government is an important indication of Xi Jinping Jintao last month 20 days from embarking on full-scale measures 20 days, during this time, an infected person of the new coronavirus is 70,000 more than 4,000 from 200 people more than The number of people who died has risen to more than 2004.

According to a paper published by a response team of the Chinese health authorities, the number of infections among medical workers such as doctors and nurses reached 30,19 as of this month 11, most of which are thought to be in hospitals .

The cause is that the medical system cannot keep up with the rapid increase in the number of patients, medical supplies such as protective clothing are inadequate, and the spread of infection is prolonged and the fatigue of healthcare workers is accumulating. How to prevent nosocomial infections by expanding the system is a serious issue.

Under these circumstances, the authorities in Hubei Province have made every effort to secure medical supplies such as protective clothing, and said that to encourage healthcare workers, `` In addition to measures to give priority to entering kindergartens for children of healthcare workers, In the case of high school entrance examination, take measures to add to the answer. "

Pros and cons of this measure on China's Internet, including the opinion that it is natural to work hard and the opinion that it is unfair to other children, and preferential treatment should be given to the child instead of the child Both writes are in succession.