Taha Ajlan, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Qalubia, on Thursday dismissed the director of Asnit Joint Secondary School affiliated to Kafr Shukr Educational Administration from his position due to the quarreling of students inside the school and its extension outside it, resulting in the injury of one of them and his transfer to the hospital. He also decided to form a committee of legal affairs in the directorate and go to School to follow up on the situation and report the facts in full.

According to Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper, Ajlan said that he received a notification from the director of Kafr Shukr Educational Administration, Khaled Gramoun, that there was a quarrel between a group of students at the Asnit Joint Secondary School affiliated to the Kafr Shukr Educational Administration, during the period of "space" during which they were assaulting each other.

The director of Kafr Shukr Al-Talima moved to the school, accompanied by a committee from the administration, and it was quickly contained by the school administration, but the students, upon their exit from the school, a quarrel broke out between them again, which resulted in the injury of one of the students and his transfer to Asnet Hospital, and he was transferred to Benha Hospital , And summon a security force from Kafr Shukr police station.

The families of the students all reconciled with the police station in Kafr Shukr, and gave away the records written from each other against others, in order to ensure the future of the students.