Haiti: police demonstration degenerates, government condemns

People pass by moped on the Champ de Mars in Port-au-Prince after the fire at the carnival stands on February 17, 2020. Estailove ST-VAL / AFP

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In Haiti, the government firmly condemns the fire at the carnival stands and the violence that took place on Monday evening February 17 in the capital Port-au-Prince, on the sidelines of the police demonstration. Despite the extent of the damage, the Prime Minister assured that the festivities would take place as planned from Sunday.


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With our correspondent in Port-au-Prince, Amélie Baron

Jean-Michel Lapin considers the demands of the police concerning their salaries, risk premiums or even insurance to be " fair " but he severely judges the actions carried out on Monday evening.

" They behaved in ways that do not fit in with democracy, " said the outgoing Prime Minister, who denounced the attitude of those who are supposed, according to their motto, "to protect and serve ".

" At the Champ de Mars, the behavior of this group of citizens, the police officers, young boys and girls, placed the population who was there in a difficult situation because they fired their weapons and burned public property " , he added.

In addition to this speech, the Prime Minister also released an unequivocal press note. The one-page document speaks of " barbaric, illegal, unacceptable and unworthy acts by the police ", which, according to the Prime Minister's Office, recall " the indiscriminate violence of extremists and terrorists ".

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