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Farmers' protest moves to the Ministry of Agriculture


On Wednesday, hundreds of farmers are again going to The Hague to protest against the nitrogen policy, which, according to them, should not only be passed on to the agricultural sector.

On Wednesday, hundreds of farmers are again going to The Hague to protest against the nitrogen policy, which, according to them, should not only be passed on to the agricultural sector.

Good afternoon, my name is Leon Moleman and this afternoon I will keep you informed of the latest developments concerning the farmers' protest in The Hague.

- Farmers are protesting again against the nitrogen measures in The Hague.
- Atmosphere is pleasant, no major problems during the morning rush hour.
- The municipality of The Hague takes into account that the center is inaccessible almost all day.
- The farmers' official program has ended.

a few seconds ago

The police are forced to give text and explanation about the arrest of a 19-year-old farmer, who was already plucked from the A50 in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

"The driver was summoned to leave the highway. He ignored these instructions and kept on driving. The tractor was driven further down the road and forced to stop. That was at Teuge's height. forcing the tractor and using pepper spray. That way the situation has been brought under control without risk of injury to the man. "

The 19 year old man is free again. He has been fined for endangering the safety of traffic.

13 minutes ago

A small overview of the current situation: the sound of galloping police horses is drowned out by farmers calling out their sector name.


# farmer protest

Avatar Author Lennart 't HartMoment of places15: 38 - 19 February 2020

14 minutes ago

Masses of farmers come together and form a joint chorus. Police officers, many of whom are agents on horseback, gather to maintain order and peace.

26 minutes ago

Hundreds of farmers are now on their way to the Ministry of Agriculture on foot. It is not exactly clear what the farmers are planning.

42 minutes ago

The official program has come to an end, as our reporter on site says.

The official program has now ended. The Drenthe dialect band @De Aldermen bring a musical ending and play among others by the Bökkers. #farmersprotest #denhaag

Avatar Author Lennart 't HartMoment of places14: 55 - February 19, 2020

2 hours ago

On Wednesday morning, the police handed out more than 30 fines to farmers who went to the highway with their tractor. A spokesperson emphasizes that most farmers have complied with the rules and followed instructions from the police.

4 hours ago

The police are asking farmers who are driving home this afternoon not to drink alcohol. Additional alcohol checks will be held this afternoon.

We see that alcohol is being drunk during the # farmer protest. Are you driving home from The Hague this afternoon? Do that safely and sober! We are extra sharp this afternoon on driving under the influence. Road safety has priority; driving and alcohol do not mix.

Avatar AuthorPolitie NederlandTime of places12: 03 - 19 February 2020

4 hours ago

The official program is slightly delayed, because there are still farmers on their way to the Koekamp.

The official program is slightly delayed and starts in about 20 minutes. Some farmers are still on their way. Everyone is enjoying the sun here and the speakers are turning farmers rock. #farmersprotest #denhaag

Avatar Author Lennart 't HartMoment of places12: 04 - 19 February 2020

4 hours ago

Public transport in The Hague is slowly starting up again. The tractors have left the tram track and the trams are running again.

4 hours ago

Visitors on their way to the demonstration in The Hague are causing a delay on the A12, Rijkswaterstaat says on Twitter. People who want to go to the center of The Hague are advised to drive via the N14.

The delay on the # A12 increases. This has to do with the visitors to the event in The Hague. Do you have to go to the center of The Hague? Then we recommend using the # N14.

Avatar Author Rijkswaterstaat Traffic information Time of places 11: 21 - 19 February 2020

5 hours ago

Public transport in The Hague has since been considerably disrupted by the farmers' protest. For example, no trams drive to the station, because tractors are stationary there. Buses to and from the city have also been delayed, Arriva reports. (Photo: Lennart 'Hart)

5 hours ago

The police guides farmers to the designated demonstration site. They are allowed to park their tractors near the Koekamp. They are also guided there by the police. (Photo: Lennart 't Hart)

5 hours ago

According to the police, the atmosphere during the demonstration is calm.

Calm atmosphere at farmers protest The Hague

Avatar AuthorPolitie NederlandTime of places10: 44 - February 19, 2020

5 hours ago

The first tractors have now also entered the Koekamp. (Photo: Lennart 't Hart)


First tractors have just driven (full gas) into the Koekamp. #boerenprotest #boeren #denhaag

Avatar Author Lennart 't HartMoment of places 10: 22 - 19 February 2020

6 hours ago

The Hague is slowly flowing with tractors. (Photo: Lennart 't Hart)

6 hours ago

A 33-year-old demonstrator was arrested this morning because he ignored directions from the police. According to The Hague police, this led to dangerous situations on the road.

A 33-year-old demonstrator #boerenprotest was arrested this morning in #DenHaag for ignoring directions that led to dangerous road situations.

Avatar AuthorPolitie The Hague eoMoment of places09: 26 - 19 February 2020

7 hours ago

The East Brabant police say on Twitter that the journey of the farmers who left this region to The Hague last night went smoothly. The farmers followed the instructions, so no fines were handed out.

#boerenprotest Last night farmers from East Brabant with their tractors went to The Hague without incident. Good contact with the farmers, they adhered to instructions (not on the highway), so no fines. We are counting on a similar relaxed return trip.

Avatar AuthorPolitie Oost-BrabantMoment of places09: 08 - 19 February 2020

8 hours ago

It is now almost 8.30 a.m. The morning rush hour was largely normal. A few farmers who nevertheless took the highway to The Hague were fined. The demonstration will take place at the Koekamp park in The Hague. Farmers are allowed to park their tractor near the Malieveld.

I will report again as soon as there are updates.

8 hours ago

RTV Drenthe reports that a traffic jam has formed on the A12. "In order to steer the parking of tractors along the Benoordenhoutseweg in The Hague in the right direction, a lane has been closed at the end of the A12. This has repercussions on the A12," says the ANWB.

8 hours ago

The ANWB reports on the website that traffic around The Hague itself is hardly affected. However, there is some delay on some roads in the city, such as towards the Malieveld. Even there, the delay is no longer than ten minutes. The delay has so far not affected the morning rush hour.

8 hours ago

Drivers of tractors who nevertheless drove over the highway to The Hague were fined by the police. The police say they are in good contact with the farmers.

Although the police are in good contact with the #boerenprotest demonstrators, a number of tractors drove over the highway to #DenHaag. The directions of the police were not followed. The drivers are fined.

Avatar AuthorPolitie The Hague eoMoment of places07: 45 - February 19, 2020

8 hours ago

Earlier this morning a farmer was arrested on the A1 near Apeldoorn, writes Omroep Gelderland. The man is now free again. He has, however, lost his driver's license.

8 hours ago

The morning rush hour continues as usual around 7.30 am. There is no nuisance on the motorways, the ANWB reports on Twitter.

The daily traffic jams are currently no longer than usual and there is no sign of the # farmer protest on the highways.

Avatar Author: ANWBportsMoment of places07: 25 - 19 February 2020

9 hours ago

The Police The Hague reports that a few tractors enter The Hague via the A12 and the Utrechtsebaan. According to a spokesperson, there are just fewer than 15 tractors.

9 hours ago

It is time for me (Thomas) to say goodbye. My colleague Jiske takes over from me here, she will keep you informed of the farmers' protests in the coming hours. Have a nice day!

9 hours ago

Rijkswaterstaat reports that the motorways are tractor-free and that a regular morning rush is expected. At the moment it is still fairly quiet on the road. "It is still early, so it could possibly increase," Rijkswaterstaat emphasizes.

9 hours ago

We are present early today at various locations in #DenHaag to steer the # farmer protest in the right direction. We are present for a safe and orderly course of the demonstration.

Avatar AuthorPolitie The Hague eoMoment of places06: 24-19 February 2020

11 hours ago

In Gelderland, the police removed a tractor from the A50 at Teuge. The driver has been arrested for dangerous driving.

Agents have also taken three tractors off the highway in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday around 0.30 a.m. in Drenthe. They were driving on the A28 near Hoogeveen and have received a ticket.

11 hours ago

Earlier in the night, according to Regio15 , the police stopped dozens of farmers on the Rijswijkseweg in The Hague, from where it is a fifteen-minute drive to the center. The police have guided the farmers to a place where they can stand.

12 hours ago

It was noticeable early in the day that the center of The Hague would be difficult to reach on Wednesday: the Ministry of Defense started blocking a number of intersections with trucks at night, as can be seen on photos from Regio15 .

yesterday at 11:18 PM

The tractors with demonstrators who are already en route to The Hague for #boerenprotest can currently park on the Benoordenhoutseweg. Where possible we guide them to the allocated parking places.

Avatar AuthorPolitie The Hague eoMoment of places23: 17 - 18 February 2020

yesterday at 10:53 PM

At #Rolde motorway # N33, a group of around thirty tractors was removed from the road. The drivers of the tractors receive a ticket for driving on the motorway.

Avatar AuthorPolitie DrentheMoment of places22: 53 - 18 February 2020

yesterday at 10:40 PM

On Tuesday evening a group of farmers were already unannounced in front of an entrance to the Binnenhof in The Hague. After a few hours they left again, they did not intend to occupy the building complex. As a precaution, the Binnenhof was covered with ribbons by the police.

yesterday at 8:12 PM

On Tuesday evening the first tractors to The Hague were already spotted.

Now online: the first farmers are entering the city; in the run-up to the big demonstration tomorrow

Avatar AuthorRedaction Regio15.nlMoment of places20: 04 - 18 February 2020

yesterday at 8:11 PM

When criticizing the nitrogen figures of the RIVM, another name comes up in addition to that of the farmers' action groups: the Mesdag Fund - in full Mesdag-Zuivelfonds NLTO. The fund will come with its own calculations on Thursday. What kind of organization is this? And what is the core of her criticism?

yesterday at 8:10 PM

The farmers' action groups criticize, among other things, the way in which the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) calculates nitrogen emissions. The calculations show that manure is the largest source of nitrogen. We investigated how these nitrogen figures are calculated.

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