Michel Serran was on Wednesday the guest of Matthieu Noël, on Europe 1, on the occasion of the resumption of the show "Top Chef". The juror returns to the vagaries of life in the kitchen and confirms the need to have a good physical condition to exercise the profession of chef.

One of them is sick, and everything is depopulated. The filming of the new season of Top Chef, which starts Wednesday evening, has already been talked about: the final had to be postponed because of the epidemic of gastroenteritis, which struck one of the candidates. Invited Wednesday by Matthieu Noël, on Europe 1, Michel Serran, one of the flagship jurors of the show confirms: to exercise this profession, it is better to have a good physical condition.

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"It's a physical job, we work quite substantial hours. It takes resistance, it's intense," explains Michel Serran. If in large restaurants the chefs have "brigades" who can replace them if they are sick, "a chef alone has no choice but to close the door", underlines the juror of "Top Chef".

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"I am not a top athlete either"

If the physical condition of a chef must be good because of the pace of work, the one who ran the New York marathon in 2006, specifies that the level of requirement must be put into perspective: "I am not a high level sport either. " The one who returns to the screens this Wednesday in "Top Chef" specifies with humor: "I have a few fellow chefs, you just have to see them to understand that sport is not their main subject".