• Naples. Camorra infiltration into politics. Former mayor of Marano arrested
  • Contact with the Camorra, a judge from Naples arrested. Also 4 other people in handcuffs
  • Capital Mafia. Cassation, mafia association falls


February 18, 2020 The mafia association, the convictions for the group active in the South-East area of ​​the capital, the so-called "Neapolitans of Tuscolana" under the orders of Domenico Pagnozzi, called "Mimì 'or professor, become definitive with the recognition of 416 bis ", already linked to the boss Michele Senese. The judges of the fifth penal section of the Cassation confirmed the sentences for Pagnozzi and other members of the group.

A long investigation activity
The process originated from an investigation, coordinated by the DDA directed by Michele Prestipino, with prosecutors Francesco Minisci, Giuseppe Cascini, Rodolfo Sabelli and Alessandro Di Taranto, which culminated in 2015 in the "Tulipano" operation, then renamed "Camorra Capitale". According to what emerged from the investigation, the Pagnozzi group operated permanently in the south-east of the capital and, in particular, in the Tuscolano district: for the presence in the clan of both Campanian and Roman characters, it was known as the group of " Tuscolana Neapolitans ".

Penalty for more than 2 centuries in prison
At first instance, in December 2016, sentences were sentenced to 300 years in prison. An accusatory system confirmed almost entirely in Appeal in October 2018 where penalties were imposed for over two centuries in prison, with the confirmation, among others, of the 30-year sentence for Domenico Pagnozzi considered the top of the group. The judgment of the supreme judges thus incorporates the accusations contested by the Prosecutor's office ranging from the mafia association to the criminal association aimed at the illicit trafficking of narcotic substances, extortion, usury, crimes against the person, money laundering, fictitious registration of assets, illicit possession of weapons, with the aggravating circumstance of the mafia method.