Mårten Palme, son of murdered ex-Prime Minister Olof Palme, has commented on the surprise turn-over to the Swedish media.

- It is gratifying to say that new information has become available. But it is difficult to estimate because I do not know what this information contains, says Mårten Palme, according to the newspaper Expressen.

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Mårten Palme, 58, has worked as a professor of economics at Stockholm University. He and his girlfriend were accompanied by their father and mother Lisbet Palme in the movies at the time of the murder. Olof Palme was shot in the street while walking home from the movies with his wife.

Prosecutor Krister Petersson, who leads the investigation into the 1986 murder, said in an interview with SVT's Veckans brott program on Tuesday that the 34-year-old murder mystery would be resolved in the coming months. By summer, the prosecutor plans to either prosecute the case or otherwise close the investigation. This may indicate, for example, a situation where the author is already dead.

For Mårten Palme, the prosecutor's information gives new hope.

- Sure. And that should be because Krister Petersson is doing what he says, Palme says, according to Expressen.

In an interview with another Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, Mårten Palme revealed that police wanted to hear her mother in 2018 in connection with a so-called Skandia man who was one of the eyewitnesses and a murder suspect. However, Lisbet Palme died before a hearing could be held.

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In an interview with the magazine, Mårten Palme says he is cautiously hopeful that the identity of the murderer will still be revealed.

- To some extent, I believe that much more information can be collected. Leading this to condemning someone may be unlikely, but it is possible to gather more information about a weapon that strengthens one or another of these assumptions, he says.

Olof Palme was shot in the street on the corner of Stockholm's Sveavägen and Tunnelgatan on February 28, 1986. No author or murder weapon has ever been found.

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Prosecutor Petersson's speeches suggest that the murderer may never be brought to the bench. Mårten Palme tells Aftonbladet that despite this, information may be coming which could bring him peace of mind.

- Maybe yes. I hope so. It is not entirely excluded. At least there is such an opportunity, he says.