The Migration Agency has rented apartments from Hultsfred housing since the 1980s. But 2020 will be the last year with apartments for asylum seekers and between 400 and 500 asylum seekers living in Hultsfred and Virserum will now have to relocate.

"I'm a little sad and disappointed," says Shukri Omar, who has lived on Granite Road in Hultsfred for two years, along with his two children and his youngest sister. Her road to Granitvägen and the asylum house went from Somalia to Switzerland and Spain before she and her family ended up in Hultsfred.

It was earlier in February that the Migration Board and Hultsfred Municipality signed the agreement, which means that 105 apartments in Stålhagen in Hultsfred and 45 apartments in Virserum will be gradually emptied of asylum seekers. At the end of 2020, the Migration Board will not have any residences left in the municipality.


- We have the Migration Agency close by, health care close by and an Arab shop, so I think we live very well here. But there is not much we can do about the decision, because rules are rules, she says.

Nerminka Dog lives in the area, but a short distance away. She has worked for Hultsfred's housing for five years and knows many of the asylum seekers.

- There are many who are worried and a little sad, they do not really know where to go, but it is not we who decide, she says.

Not clear where to go

It is not yet clear where the between 400 and 500 asylum seekers who are in the municipality of Hultsfred will take the road. The families who have school children will be allowed to stay the semester out so that the children's schooling is not affected too much.

- I do not know where to go, but have understood that it will probably be somewhere in southern Sweden anyway, says Shukri Omar.