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Mercedes de Córdoba: "The artists open up in flamenco channel"


Mercedes of Cordoba. Córdoba, 1980. The bailaora takes her assembly 'Ser' to the Jerez Festival on March 2 and will premiere a new show at the Seville Flamenco Biennial. How

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Mercedes of Cordoba . Córdoba, 1980. The bailaora takes her assembly 'Ser' to the Jerez Festival on March 2 and will premiere a new show at the Seville Flamenco Biennial. When he is not on tour, he also squanders his art in the legendary tablao of Los Gallos.

Flamenco runs through its veins. She has been dancing since she was four ... Everything was for my mother. In the past, being an artist was not very well seen and less so in a woman, but thanks to us, not God, times have changed. My mother was teaching Sevillanas and in the second step, she got stuck. I, who was three years old or less and was playing while she was teaching, got up and made the step. Mom, you don't know, it's like that! There they put the bug in me. You wanted to leave the dance, why? Because it was wrong. I have had an internal struggle because I really like art, but sometimes the world around it does not understand it. I tried to quit but it was worse. He did the Spanish Dance career and six years of classical ballet. As I started so young ... But the race is what I give less importance. There are those who think that flamenco cannot be taught in schools.It is a feeling and if you do not have it, even if you study, you do not reach it; We would talk about executing. But flamenco is also a World Heritage Site and is our culture. When artists go outside it is crazy; It moves masses. Why does it fascinate so much? Because it touches the soul, the heart and it moves you, the artists open up in a channel with flamenco. Some say that if we could explain what we feel it would not be worth it to dance. Her teacher is Eva the Yerbabuena. I have learned from her even without realizing it. I worked with her the first time with 12 years and then with 18 in her company, where I was about 14 years. He is my idol. How does the creation begin? On the sofa in my living room, with my husband Juan Campallo, who is one of the best guitarists out there. There we began to feel the music and create. If I go into the studio alone with shoes, it is of no use. Then, it is one of the people who take the work home. This is not a job, it is our life. If it were a job, I would quit. I used to have a little bit of internal struggle because I wanted to leave it, motherhood, things that have happened to me ... but now it is wonderful.It must be complicated to manage a company, move them ... I even re-protected my mother's house to be able to carry out the previous show and we are still throwing money at it. Have you not been given any subsidy? I have not been lucky enough to receive any, but I do not care because I get on stage and I remember my mother, how hard they are things and I get one thing here ... To dance you have to feel.What is the show 'Being ... neither with me nor without me' that leads to the Jerez Festival? The show has been a necessity. In 2013 I won the National Contest of Córdoba and they offered me to go to the Biennial, but I fell apart. So much exposure, everyone talking about you ... I won the prize and instead of going up I didn't want to know anything. He didn't let himself be dragged down. Maybe he shouldn't have been so radical, but he felt he had to do it like that. For me, prizes are not so important. You cannot force an artist to create. In our careers we should send, not the pressure of marketing . This year it will go to the Flamenco Biennial of Seville. Yes, with a different premiere than 'Being', which is intimate and hard for the viewer. The new assembly consists of four totally different shows, linked as the episodes of a series. The actor Paco Tous will collaborate, who will bring us the vision of cinema.

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