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Interceptions: agreement reached in the majority, there is also the OK of Italia viva


Found the square on a mediation between the formula developed by Pietro Grasso di Leu and the will of Italy alive not to extend the interceptions in an indiscriminate way

  • Interceptions, the majority reaches the agreement: ok for Italia viva. The vote slips tomorrow
  • Interceptions, problems on the decree that arrives in the Senate: examination in the Commission


February 18, 2020 The majority reached an agreement on the subject of wiretapping. The agreement was found on a sub-amendment to the rapporteur's amendment. The text includes the signatures of all the majority forces, including Italia viva.

Understanding thanks to the word "relevant"
The agreement within the majority on the subject of wiretapping was reached on the word "relevant", inserted in a sub-amendment signed by all the forces that support the government, including Iv, which complements the text of the rapporteur's amendment to Interceptions decree, presented in the afternoon and the result of a long mediation.

In essence, the possibility of using wiretaps to prove the existence of a crime other than those for which they were arranged is limited. The rapporteur's amendment intervenes on the proposal for modification presented by Senator Leu Pietro Grasso, at the center of a difficult negotiation in the majority, after the Renzian no vote. A series of meetings were needed to untie the knot and only with the sub-amendment was the go-ahead for the whole majority.

It all began with the Grasso amendment which incorporated a recent ruling by the Court of Cassation and allowed the use of wiretaps as evidence also for crimes other than those for which they were arranged, provided that these were crimes for which the use of interceptions.

A formulation that did not suit Iv. After several negotiations, therefore, the Grasso amendment was withdrawn and a rapporteur's amendment was presented, which states: "The results of the interceptions cannot be used in procedures other than those in which they have been arranged, unless they result indispensable for ascertaining crimes for which arrest is required in the act and of the crimes referred to in article 266 paragraph 1 of the criminal procedure code ". That is, serious crimes such as smuggling, child pornography, usury.

But for the Renzians it was not enough, a sub-amendment was therefore introduced which restricts the links for the use of wiretapping: in addition to "indispensable" they must be "relevant" for ascertaining the crime.

Sled House, the vote tomorrow Commission
The Senate Justice Committee has set the deadline for submitting sub-amendments to the rapporteur's amendment to the wiretapping decree at 9.30 on Wednesday, while the vote will begin at approximately 1.40 pm.

D'Incà satisfied
"Today we worked hard and well to reach an agreement between all the majority forces on a crucial issue such as the use of eavesdropping. I am satisfied with the comparison held at the table on the eavesdropping dl from which a synthesis between various points of view emerged and sensitivity that allowed us to find a shared solution ". Federico D'Incà, Minister for Relations with Parliament, said.

Mirabelli: "Well the synthesis"
"When we go beyond slogans and the majority seriously discuss the merits of the issues in order to really find a solution, we always manage to find an important summary. The wiretapping story proves it amply". This was said by Senator Franco Mirabelli, vice president of the Pd group.

Source: rainews

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