On Tuesday, the OAG presented its review of the route deduction. This shows that the deduction is not self-financing but on the contrary has cost the state SEK 5.4 billion last year.

But the employers' organization Almega believes that the OAG's conclusions are not correct and refers to a report they ordered from the Handels Investigation Institute, HUI.

- It would be good if the OAG dared to make its own calculation. Now you only criticize what HUI and the Ministry of Finance have done without presenting any other alternatives, says Almega's chief economist Patrick Joyce.

Lack of labor

Almega claims that the deduction is not only almost self-financed but has also led to more unemployed people being employed.

The OAG confirms this picture to some extent. But at the same time, it also means that a third of the jobs in the routine industry went to those who immigrated to Sweden, which was not the idea of ​​the reform.

- I think they miss that it is not about labor immigration in itself, but it is people who come from EU countries and then it is the free movement within Europe that is the basis for it, says Patrick Joyce.

At the same time, Almega also points out that there has been a shortage of labor in recent years in the industry.

- Employers will then have to fill the gaps by recruiting from other countries. Of course, it would be easier to hire people who are already in Sweden, says Patrick Joyce.