On Thursday, the United States filed a lawsuit against Peter Nygård, a Finnish-Canadian millionaire and companies owned by him. In civil lawsuits, a total of ten women accuse a clothing company of rape. The youngest women say they were only 14 and 15 at the time of the alleged events.

IS reviewed a 99-page civil lawsuit filed in district court in New York. In a civil lawsuit, Nygård is alleged to have run a sex circle and violated the Human Trafficking Protection Act. A total of ten women accuse Nygård of rape. Some of the events alleged in the civil action are drastic.

The allegations in the mass action are based on evidence other than the women's, according to Greg Gutzler, a lawyer representing women. Gutzler says he has been investigating the alleged events for two years.

- We have witnesses to confirm the information, we have evidence that the women have been present where the rape is alleged to be, we have photographic evidence, in some cases we have medical evidence and we have third parties telling us to bring and confirm the woman, what has happened.

Peter Nygård was born in Helsinki in 1943 but moved to Canada with his family as a child.

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Already last fall, a Bahamian publication, Tribune242, reported that a criminal investigation into Nygård had been launched in the Bahamas.

The cause of the investigation has not been publicly confirmed by police, but a lawyer for the alleged victims interviewed by Canadian Broadcasting Company CBC said the allegations were sexual offenses. Tribune242 also reported in the fall that there were allegations of sexual offenses. The police investigation is not known to be related to a civil lawsuit, but according to the CBC, four lawyers are also involved in a civil lawsuit filed in New York.

In addition, according to the CBC, Nygård was also sued in Los Angeles in January for two alleged sexual offenses.

Nygård has consistently denied having committed any crime. His spokesman told IS on Friday that the mass action was pending.

- The accusations are completely false, without foundation and are strongly denied. Peter Nygård expects to be able to fully uncover this scam and finally clear his name, the statement said.

According to Nygård, all the accusations against him are based on his long-time litigator, billionaire Louis Baco, who owns a property on Nygård's villa in the Bahamas. According to Nygård, Bacon has long tried to destroy his reputation with false claims. Last November, Nygård filed a lawsuit against Bacon, alleging that Bacon had paid women to make sexual accusations. Bacon has not commented on the latest allegations in the public domain.

Peter Nygård owns a villa in the Bahamas.

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According to the CBC, the four women who filed a crime report in the Bahamas are represented by a lawyer who pays Bacon. However, Greg Gutzler, a female lawyer in the class action, denies being on Bacon's payroll.

- Louis Bacon doesn't pay me in any way. I only represent female victims and as far as my salary is concerned, I will not receive compensation for my work unless women receive compensation. We're investing our money and time to win this thing for the victims. If the jury says we win, we'll get a share of the damages. If we don't win, we get nothing.

No criminal charges have been brought against the events described in the civil action. The purpose of a civil action is to seek compensation for the victims of the alleged crime and, in some cases, to stop the harassment - even if convicted of being compensated, he does not receive a criminal conviction and thus, for example, imprisonment.

The collective action has 99 pages. The picture shows the gates of Nygård's estates.

Eight of the ten women in the lawsuit were minors at the time of the alleged crimes, the youngest being 14 and 15. One of the women is American, the other nine are from the Bahamas. However, according to the lawsuit, there are more victims.

The lawsuit alleges that the alleged crimes occurred between the early 2000s and 2015 in properties owned by Nygård in the Bahamas and California.

Nygård is also said to have transported his victims, not only between his own real estate but also, for example, to Europe, using his private aircraft and yachts owned by his company.

Because of the sensitive nature of the alleged events, women are not using their real names. Women have not reported events before because they feared possible consequences for their career, for example.

The lawsuit goes through the stories of each of the ten women accusing Nygård.

In the lawsuit, Nygård is alleged to have sought victims, including by organizing a party known as the "pamper party" at his huge villa in the Bahamas.

Only those invited to attend the pampering party, the lawsuit claims.

Only those invited to attend so-called pampering parties. Usually the men were not invited to the party, and according to the lawsuit, the women had to be Nygård's liking, ie slim and beautiful. Faces and full-body photographs of women were often taken at the gate of the villa and their contact details were recovered, the women have said in a collective action.

On site, women and girls reportedly received beauty treatments and massages. According to the claim, the purpose of the party was to promote the Nygård brand and its products. Some people at the party hoped that the party would open up a career as a model, the lawsuit claims.

For example, a woman born in the Bahamas in 1997 claims to have been a victim of Nygård at a pampering party in 2011.

At that time, a 14-year-old girl had participated in the Miss Teen Bahamas Galaxy beauty pageant. The poverty-stricken family had tried to find a sponsor for the girl to cover the costs of the competition.

The girl's mother heard from her former colleague in Nygård and sent her daughter's briefcase to the man's office. But there was no answer, the girl claims in a mass action.

According to her, the girl went to Nygård's pampering party for the first time a couple of times with her mother. The third time he went to a party alone and did not tell his mother.

She says she noticed at the party that there were many girls of her age, including another beauty contestant.

In the lawsuit, Nygård is alleged to have provided the girl with wine and to the promised girl a model career. According to the girl, Nygård also offered her colorful pills. The lawsuit alleges that Nygård later took the girl to her bedroom. According to the lawsuit, the girl lost consciousness and does not know for sure what happened to her. The next morning, however, he reportedly noticed that he had been bleeding and his underpants were on the floor. Nygård is said to have given the girl $ 5,000.

However, she continued to attend Nygård's pampering party as she still kept her aspirations for a career as a model. According to the mass action, however, the dream came true only four years later. At that time, the girl had reportedly become a recruiter for other girls to avoid sexual abuse herself. The girl is said to have received at least $ 2,000 each time she brought a new girl to the party.

In the Bahamas, ComCor refers to people hired by Nygård and his companies, who, among other things, arranged transportation for pampering parties, the lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit also involves a woman born in 1988 who claims to have been a victim of Nygård at the age of 15. She had been invited to a pampering party by her sister.

The woman claims in the class action that she began to be ill after eating, and said she was soon approached by Nygård and her guard. Nygård asked the girl to follow and soon the two were in the man's bedroom, according to the mass action. According to the girl, Nygård told her she could become a model.

In the application, the woman claims that she tried to counter Nygård's attempts at approximation. Despite the protests, Nygård said she was raped by the woman. The woman claims to have been injured during the rape, which required her to seek medical attention the next day.

The lawsuit also includes two former Nygård employees. They both report being raped by Nygård. There are also two former Nygård employees who were of legal age at the time of the alleged crimes. Both claim to have been raped by Nygård. One worked in a villa in Nygård in the Bahamas, claiming to have been a hostess at a pampering party and seeking girls for the party. The other one worked for Nygård's company.

Accusations of Nygård have been widely reported in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, among others. In the UK, Prince Andrew and his family visited news headlines in the summer of 2000 in the Bahamas villa in Nygård. However, Andrew is not suspected of anything about Nygård. Andrew has previously been criticized for contacting Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender and accused of operating underage girls in a sex circle. Andrew was also accused of Epstein.

Gutzler, who represents women, says she has been contacted after the mass action was reported in the media on Friday.

- We have received dozens of contacts, directly and indirectly, via email, phone and social media from other potential victims and witnesses who can confirm that people were victims.