Swedish magazine Dagens Nyheter reveals that an athlete medaling in the Swedish Athletics Championships has given a positive doping test. The name of the athlete was not mentioned in the news.

Stefan Olsson, secretary general of the Swedish Athletics Association, confirms the magazine's information on the pitch.

According to DN, the injured athlete is not Swedish but competes in a Swedish club and has therefore been allowed to participate in the Swedish Championships. According to the magazine, the athlete has won several medals. A sample containing the Prohibited Substance was taken on December 17.

There have been several recent doping carts in Sweden. The last positive test was given by EC gold medalist Robel Fsiha, who had given a positive test in November. Fsiha's smoke was revealed a couple of weeks ago.

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The most recent toad revealed by DN on Monday is the third doping cart in a short time. Written by wrestler Jenny Fransson, it came out in early February.

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