Olivier Véran, the new Minister of Health who replaces Agnès Buzyn, at the National Assembly, February 17, 2020. - CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT / AFP

The debates on pension reform were kicked off on Monday by Olivier Véran, the new Minister of Health, who touted "a text whose ambition is great and even immense".

Before the deputies, the former deputy LREM, who replaced Agnès Buzyn at short notice, recalled that "our system is built around solidarity" and mentioned the "founding fathers of Social Security", citing in particular Ambroise Croizat.

Several weeks of debate

Olivier Véran stressed that the universal point retirement system was "a long-announced project (which) has the legitimacy of a presidential program, consultation, a preparatory report led by Jean-Paul Delevoye", hoping now "the broad legitimacy of parliamentarians".

While the minister was interrupted by the oppositions, the holder of the perch Richard Ferrand launched to the restless deputies: "You will have hours, days and nights to snub yourself in democracy". Two weeks of debate are planned, which could be extended in view of the 41,000 amendments on the menu. "We must correct" the "flaws" of the current system, added the Minister, noting that "from the top of (his) 39 years", he "has already contributed to 4 plans".

"It is a social overhaul that the government is bringing before you"

Taking over from the podium, Secretary of State for Pensions Laurent Pietraszewski then declared that "at a time when 30% of retirees have a pension of less than 1,000 euros, it is a major social conquest that the government proposes to adopt, let's be proud ”, in an allusion to the minimum pension of 1,000 euros for full careers provided for by the reform.

“Our predecessors have carried out courageous reforms, but always of budgetary inspiration, which with a period of insurance, which on the ages of departure. Our reading is broader, our ambition goes beyond budgetary balance, it is a social overhaul that the government is bringing before you, "added the one who succeeded Jean-Paul Delevoye in December.


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