This year's Munich Security Conference should investigate how deep the West is in the crisis. The Europeans were particularly interested: How reliable are the USA as partners in international alliances? Does Europe need to focus more on itself? However, the US delegation knew almost only one topic: the conflict with China and the threat posed by the Chinese leadership from the US perspective. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, on the other hand, said the allegations made by his US colleague Mike Pompeo were lies. All of this did not sound like diplomatic attempts at mutual understanding, but after an open escalation in the conflict between the two systems. Simone Gaul talks to Matthias Naß, international correspondent for ZEIT, about the Munich Security Conference.

Cycling is often a nuisance on German roads, sometimes life-threatening. Cycle paths are parked, trucks bend around the bends too quickly, cars overtake too close. However, because the Federal Government wants more people to switch to bicycles, it has developed a reform of the road traffic regulations, which the Federal Council approved with some changes on Friday. What exactly will change for cyclists? And how should the new rules be controlled? Sören Götz, Mobility Editor at ZEIT ONLINE, talks about the change in traffic policy. He says: The reform is an improvement. But there are also some issues that have still not been implemented.

Also: Billie Eilish's bond song is nicer than our podcast jingle.

Assistance: Sophia Hofer, Christina Felschen
Moderation: Simone Gaul

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