President Iran stresses economic policy emphasis February 17 11:41

Prior to the parliamentary election in Iran this month, President Rouhani urged the public to emphasize the importance of focusing on economic policies, such as fighting inflation, as US sanctions tightened the economy.

Iran's President Lohani held a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday, saying that the U.S., which has unilaterally withdrawn from the nuclear agreement, has tightened sanctions on Iran. We will grow the economy and control inflation in the future. "

Regarding the dialogue with the United States, he reiterated that "we will never go to the negotiation table in this situation" and that lifting sanctions is the premise of the dialogue.

In Iran, parliamentary elections are set to take place on the 21st, but as the nuclear agreement collapses and the economy becomes more difficult, reformist and moderate candidates who support the Rouhani administration, which has emphasized dialogue with the West, have You are exposed to headwinds.

For this reason, President Rouhani may aim to spread support for reformists and moderates by showing a strong stance on the United States before the election and emphasizing the idea of ​​leveraging the economy.