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Financial abuse ... a silent weapon to harm wives


Laila Ali

When some think about the issue of domestic abuse, the first thing that comes to mind is verbal abuse and possible physical abuse of wives, but research shows that financial abuse occurs frequently in unhealthy relationships, just as other forms of abuse.

A study conducted by the University of Wisconsin Madison Financial Security Center in 2011 revealed that 99% of domestic violence cases also involved financial abuse.

Also, financial abuse is often the first sign of violence and domestic abuse, so knowing how to determine financial abuse is crucial to the safety and security of every wife.

Financial bully
According to Marig, financial abuse is defined as the partner's control of the other partner's access to financial resources, which reduces his ability to be financially self-sufficient and forces him to depend entirely on him.

This occurs in an unhealthy marriage, with the intention of preventing the wife from obtaining the financial freedom necessary to leave the relationship if it is harmful.

Financial bullying by husbands is a silent weapon that leads to severe consequences for marriage, as it is a subset of emotional abuse that can cause physical harm such as physical harm.

Tactics used
Research indicates that victims of financial exploitation are often very concerned about their ability to provide money for themselves and their children to end marriage. In addition, financial insecurity is one of the most important reasons for a woman returning to an abusive husband.

According to the "FairyWill Mind" website, the forms of financial abuse differ from case to case, sometimes they are hidden tactics, and sometimes they are explicitly used to intimidate and intimidate openly.

The goal is always to gain power and control, so the wife's private funds are seized if she has money from inheritance, savings, or otherwise, and she is also prevented from working on various arguments.

Social therapist Julie Williamson tells Bustle: If you have a financial dispute and are able to resolve it, you probably do not have to worry, but it is important to monitor financial violations since financial abuse is often a symptom of other types of abuse , Such as emotional or verbal abuse.

Some signs of marital abuse have to be taken care of, and we have clarified it as follows:

Block access to money
This type of spouse controls all the family’s money, including the wife’s income and personal savings, while he does not give the wife any ability to dispose of these funds, so the husband keeps all credit cards and funds under his personal name, and the wife has no means of obtaining the money except with his consent.

One form of financial abuse is the wife's inability to obtain money - even if her money - except with the consent of the husband (Pixels)

Stifling monitoring of spending
Follow a strict spending protocol, where all the wife's expenses are calculated separately and by stifling accuracy, so purchases are tracked in grocery stores and other places, while giving the wife not enough money for purchases.

It does not facilitate approval of other expenses such as health care and clothing expenses, and the husband requests a detailed report of the expenses and receipts for the spending.

Not allowing work
Another way to restrict financial freedom is to destroy your job opportunities, which may include appearing in your workplace to cause problems for you, to become unemployed, or to prevent you from working from the beginning or diminishing your business.

Upset about your expenses
If your partner feels upset whenever you spend money - especially if it is your own money - this may be a sign of his desire to control you financially, especially if you start to fear his reaction after buying some clothes or eating in a restaurant.

Double spending standards
This appears in your husband's extreme annoyance about spending money for himself, while he makes large purchases for himself without being disturbed.

Spending money secretly
Another form of financial abuse, according to the site, is spending money secretly without knowing you about things that you do not prefer or do not see as having a priority in the current stage, at a time when your husband persuades you of the importance of saving for the benefit of the family.

Big Secret Debt
It is also classified as financial abuse, that the husband plunges the family with large debts that it cannot bear, and hides its size from his wife, so that paying it poses a huge burden on the whole family.

Secretly dumping the family with big debts is considered a financial abuse (Pixels)

Marital counseling
Financial problems in a family can take many forms, not all of which are beyond repair.

Williamson recommends on the Pastel site "to seek individual or marital counseling with a close person who has experience or with a specialist in financial matters, this not only helps to ensure the safety of the parties and restore marital relationship, but also addresses the fundamental issues related to financial restrictions and give the husband the opportunity to defend Himself and set healthy limits.

But if necessary, the wife must speak to people she trusts who can help her end the relationship if she feels that there is no point in fixing the matter.

Source: aljazeera

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