Appeal for re-election at the venue of President Trump `` Daytona 500 '' February 17 13:02

President Trump of the United States drove a traditional auto racing truck in his private car and appealed to race fans across the country for re-election in the November presidential election.

President Trump flew low above the venue in Daytona Beach, Florida, where the traditional car race "Daytona 500" will be held, on the 16th with a presidential aircraft, and then appeared to race fans.

President Trump said, "The Daytona 500 is an event that slows down the engine noise and symbolizes American technology, speed and strength." Afterwards, I boarded the exclusive car with Mrs. Melania and made a lap around the race track.

The "Daytona 500" is a traditional car race that is popular in the United States, such as a 500-mile sprinting for over 3 hours by a modified car and being broadcast on the United States, and President Trump re-elected in the presidential election in November We appealed to race fans across the United States.

With Democratic candidates raging for Super Tuesday next month, Trump will rally this week in states that are expected to be close to the presidential election this week, almost emptying the capital city Washington. I will do it.