February 17, 2020 An Alitalia direct flight from Rome to New York was forced to land unscheduled at London's Heathrow airport, due to problems created on board by an 'unruly' passenger. As soon as he landed the British apolizia arrested the man and the flight resumed its route to the United States. This is learned from the British media. The Alitalia flight had taken off from Rome at 10.37 yesterday morning and was expected to land in New York at 14.25, but around 11.30, while the plane flew over France, a general emergency was declared on board and the pilot diverted to London Heathrow Airport. Sources of the company make it known that, due to an unruly passenger on board the AZ608 Rome-New York flight, the Commander, as required by the safety standards in these cases, has cautiously chosen to go to the first useful airport along the route, London Heathrow. Landing in London took place regularly and the passenger was disembarked from the plane which had already departed from Heathrow airport for New York.