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Marko found an old class ring in the Kaarina forest - a mystery story popped up in the US: "This is incredible"


An American class ring found in the Kaarina berry forest in January was missing for decades.

The class ring that disappeared in the United States 47 years ago was found in January 2020 in the berry forest of Kaarina.

Now the ring has returned to its owner, says Portland Television Regional News (WGME).

  • In the video above, Debra McKenna tells how the ring once disappeared in Portland.

In January, Ilta-Sanomat reported on the discovery of 38-year-old boatbuilder Marko Saarinen. The ring was found in a metal search in Kaarina in a berry forest when a clear signal was heard from the viewfinder. In the end, with the help of a surface pointer, a fine ring was revealed from a depth of 20 centimeters.

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Debra McKenna, a resident of Portland, MA, didn't believe the news. The class ring he had received from his young future husband had been missing for 47 years.

Marko Saarinen sent the ring to the widow of the owner.

This year, she received a phone call from a classmate telling her that a class ring had been found and had her initials engraved on it.

"This is unbelievable," says Debra McKenna, according to Portland television regional news.

And he continued, "I say, are you sure there is no one else in the class with the same initials," he said.

It turned out that there was none. The ring finder Marko Saarinen sent the class ring to the original owner. Debra McKenna got it last week, the week before Valentine's Day.

It also seemed an incredible coincidence. Even then, it was Valentine's Day when Debra's future husband, Shawn McKenna, gave her a Valentine's Day card and asked her out for a date, according to Portland TV regional news.

They started dating and Debra McKenna got her boyfriend's class ring.

However, the ring disappeared on a shopping trip at the department store when Debra washed her hands and forgot the ring on the sink. Despite the search, no ring was found.

When the nervous Debra McKenna reported that the ring had disappeared, Shawn McKenna comforted: it was just a ring.

The couple was married and three children were born.

The ring made a long journey from Portland to Kaarina.

Shawn McKenna died three years ago. The ring was supposed to be missing forever.

Debra McKenna says WGME says her husband believed there was no coincidence. There is another surprising coincidence in the story.

The ring was discovered by a shipbuilder in Finland. The shipbuilders are the mascots of Debran and her husband at The Morse High School in Old School.

It is still a mystery how the old class ring ended up in Finland. Debra McKenna would love to hear the answer.

- I wish it (the ring) could talk. I would love to hear the story of how the ring got here, and if anyone else knows what it is (the reason), I'd love to hear it, not for criticism, but for interest.

Source: isfi

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