Emmanuel Macron during a trip to Haute-Savoie, Friday February 13, 2020. - ALLILI MOURAD / SIPA

With the municipal approach, Emmanuel Macron tackles a sensitive issue. The head of state is expected Tuesday in Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin) to start presenting the strategy to fight against communitarianism and "separatism" in the Republic.

Emmanuel Macron will go to the popular district of Bourtzwiller, where he will take stock during a lunch with the police before holding a round table with representatives of social, cultural, religious or sports, active locally, said his entourage. He will make a statement at the end of this trip, where he will be accompanied by the Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner, the Secretary of State Laurent Nunez, Gabriel Attal (Youth) and Roxana Maracineanu (Sports).

"2020 must open the decade of rediscovered unity of the nation"

Emmanuel Macron should make a second trip the following week on the plan which "is intended to deploy after the municipal elections" of March 15 and 22, according to the same source. Many departments continue to work on it and all the measures have not yet been arbitrated.

Declaring to see "too many divisions in the name of origins, religions", the president had assured, by presenting his wishes on December 31, want to "fight with determination against the forces that undermine national unity", because "2020 must open the decade of rediscovered unity of the nation ”. The government's strategy is based on two pillars: "the fight against withdrawal from communitarianism, Islamist separatism and radicalism" as well as "strengthening the anchoring in the Republic in the districts which need it", in particular in terms of services public.

Populated by more than 15,000 inhabitants, Bourtzwiller was chosen for this trip because it "is part of these areas of republican reconquest" after having been classified in 2012 as a priority security zone.


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