Maisa Torppa, 28, known for several TV shows and as a social media influencer, is now Mrs. Maisa got married to her new loved one Mikko on Friday. The couple were ordained in an old church in Helsinki in 1826 in the presence of a close circle. After the ceremony, the party continued at the renowned Hotel Kämp.

The newlyweds have progressed at a fast pace with their relationship, and the wedding was assembled with lightning speed. Maisa is happy and amazed at how well everything was achieved in just weeks.

"The fact that everything has gone so smoothly, I think, is what it is meant to be," says Maisa happy.

Maisa and Mikko became friends last spring, but the relationship deepened into love in late 2019. When the duo first met, Maisa was still engaged to rally driver Jari-Matti Latvala. Maisa's and Jari-Mat's wedding was supposed to be celebrated at the turn of last year, but the couple divorced in October.

- We haven't been together with Mikko for so many months, when I was just getting married to another man, Maisa laughs.

In Maisa's wedding photo, the couple poses happily in the stairwell. The bride was dressed in a spectacular wedding dress adorned with a lace top.

Photo: Petri Mast

Many have wondered why Maisa wanted to go so hard in her new relationship. The reason is that Maisa is happier now than ever before and that's why she didn't want to put her foot on the brake.

- We want to get married because this feels good and right, says Maisa firmly.

- In my past relationship, I had so long liked another for so many years. When we parted, I thought I was doing exactly what I felt about myself. The purpose of life is to be happy and do things as you feel good. I have learned to be selfish. And if it bumps, why should we have some fun with Mike?

It was important for Maisie to receive a blessing in church for her marriage, because religion is one of her most important values.

- I have been raised religiously and church weddings are important to me.

Maisa has previously been married to her child's father once in 2012-2014. At that time, the newlyweds were orphaned at the registry.

- It was easier to divorce that marriage than to divorce a common mortgage. I've always thought that when I go to church to get married, I'm going to get married for the first time.

Valentine's Day was chosen as the wedding day for Maisa and Mikko because the couple felt it was a beautiful day to celebrate love.

- Can it be a wonderful day to get married than Valentine's Day!

After the wedding ceremony, the wedding guests moved on to the celebration of the luxurious Hotel Kämp at the Esplanade Park in Helsinki. The first night as a married couple was also spent in Kämp. When asked about her wedding budget, Maisa laughs and answers:

- I think the wedding budget can be deduced from our wedding venue so that we have not gone where the cheapest is. There are no weddings of less than twenty tons in the cabin.

Maisa's two chaps and Mikko's bestman were in charge of the party schedule.

Maisa Torppa is happier now than ever before.

Photo: Joonas Salo

Maisa's lace satin wedding dress was designed by Saara Kuusjärvi, designer of the Pukuni wedding dress shop in Turku. The wedding dress was designed at a rapid pace based on Maisa's wishes. The upper part is lace and the lower part is satin satin. Costume designer Kuusjärvi describes the costume as royal.

- It is the most wonderful wedding dress, which I have ever seen. So I have been agonizing over why I can't wear a suit for just one day. I'm sure Mikko will come home on a normal Tuesday night and surprise me by cleaning my wedding dress, Maisa laughs.

With her marriage, Maisa's left anonymous adorns two diamond rings. One has a large 1.25 carat diamond and the other has a slimmer row of diamonds.

- Mikko lovingly said "you are not worth less than three carats", Maisa laughs and smiles.

Later in the spring, the couple headed for a week-long honeymoon in the Alps to ski.

Product details: Long sleeveless dress, KappAhl. Lace wrap dress by Vero Moda. Knit lace dress and lace top, YASF jeans, Mosh Mosh.