At the Munich Security Conference, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rejected President Frank-Walter Steinmeier's criticism of the US withdrawal from the international community. "The death of the transatlantic alliance is extremely exaggerated," said Pompeo.

On Friday, Steinmeierin accused the opening speech of the conference of the government of US President Donald Trump of "rejecting the idea of ​​an international community". "These statements are not real," said Pompeo. "The West wins, and we win together."

As evidence, he pointed to Eastern Europe, where the United States would have strengthened NATO and, by withdrawing from the INF disarmament treaty with Russia, would have restored international arms control credibility. In addition, the United States, along with 81 global allies, defeated the Islamic State (IS) jihadist militia.

USA want to push Maduro out of office

Pompeo indirectly rejected Steinmeier's allegation that the USA, like Russia and China, endangered the international world order with egoistic behavior. On the contrary, the United States would take a determined stance on international cooperation, the Secretary of State said, but did not mention organizations like the UN or the WTO in his speech.

He spoke of the US wanting to strengthen the organization of American states and leading a coalition of 59 states to push Venezuela's controversial socialist president Nicolás Maduro out of office. Pompeo also announced the "Three Seas Initiative" want to support with a billion dollars. This provides that twelve Central and Eastern European countries bordering the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea work more closely together.

Munich Security Conference - Frank-Walter Steinmeier accuses major powers of selfishness The Federal President opened the Munich Security Conference with criticism of the United States, China and Russia. He accused them of endangering the international order. © Photo: Sven Hoppe / dpa

Pompeo criticizes Nord Stream 2 and Huawei

In his speech, the U.S. Secretary of State also criticized plans for the Nord Stream 2 Baltic gas pipeline, which is to bring more Russian gas to Western Europe. He also warned of a "hype" when it comes to mobile networks, for example when the Chinese network supplier Huawei claims that its products are better than those of the western competition. Huawei is one of the "Trojan horses" of Chinese security services, he said.

"The United States is fighting for sovereignty and freedom," said Pompeo. "We should have confidence in the transatlantic alliance. The free west has a brighter future than illiberal alternatives." Pompeo called for determination at the conference. "Give me an example from history where the weak and the faint-hearted prevailed," said Pompeo.