Pregnancy tests performed without consent. This is the situation that was denounced Friday, February 14, the Association of Professional Handball Players (AJPH).

Sources familiar with the matter, the club concerned is Nantes, currently third in the D1 where several French internationals are playing (rear Camille Ayglon-Saurina, goalkeeper Catherine Gabriel and wing Blandine Dancette).

Requested by AFP, the club was not immediately available. "As part of the biological assessments at the beginning of the season, the analysis of the level of the hormone Beta HCG, aimed at detecting a state of pregnancy, would have been prescribed by the doctor of the club without the consent of the players," said 'AJPH in a press release, stressing "unacceptable practices".

A "serious attack on their privacy"

"After recovering the prescriptions attesting to these analyzes, the AJPH sent a letter to the club and to the doctor and informed the authorities as well as the social partners", added the association which "reserves the right to give any further useful in this situation. "

Contacted by AFP, the Women's Handball League (LFH) said that it had contacted the club concerned and awaited its explanations, without mentioning the name of the club.

AJPH recalls that this "type of control is completely illegal and not only violates the privacy of the players, but also seriously compromises their privacy".

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