Obertshausen (dpa) - A 67-year-old shot a bailiff on Friday in Obertshausen near Offenbach. The man and one of his companions were seriously injured. Another companion suffered a blast trauma.

According to the police, the exact background and motive of the man have yet to be determined.

The two seriously injured were taken to a hospital, but the police say they are not in mortal danger. The alleged perpetrator was temporarily arrested in his apartment and sustained a slight head wound. He was also hospitalized. It was initially unclear whether the shooter would fire without warning. "The injured are not yet under examination," said a police spokesman.

The deed took place shortly before 9 a.m. in the entrance area of ​​the man's apartment in an apartment building. According to the police, the German may have been evicted. It is still unclear whether the man has a gun license.

Executors are repeatedly victims of violent attacks. In Gelnhausen (Main-Kinzig-Kreis) an elderly man shot a bailiff in the head in 2016. In North Rhine-Westphalia in April last year, a woman poured a corrosive liquid into the face of a bailiff.

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