At a company in Amsterdam a "ignition" took place at the beginning of the afternoon. It may be a bomb letter, the police confirm to A person has been checked in an ambulance due to the inhalation of smoke.

The person has been checked as a precaution, it is reported. This is an ING property, as confirmed by NU5 after notification by AT5.

Two bomb letters also exploded in Amsterdam and Kerkrade on Wednesday. No injuries were caused. The small explosion was described by employees of those companies as that of a fire. A new bomb letter was delivered on Thursday morning to a company in Leusden, which was dismantled by the Explosives Clearance Service Defense (EOD).

The sender demands a payment in bitcoins. Many of the affected companies have also received a threatening letter.


Kerkrade police on bomb letter: 'Employee heard hissing noise'

Eleven bomb letters surfaced

A total of eleven bomb letters have now surfaced at companies and mail sorting centers. Six of these were found in Amsterdam. The Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI) diligently searches for traces of perpetrators, but the current status of this is unknown.

Previously, a collection agency in Rotterdam was listed as a fake sender, but this was changed in the bomb letters of February. The police have shared a new photo of the dangerous letters.