Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority announced that there is no increase in school fees for private schools for the next academic year 2020-2021, based on the approved cost of education index issued by the Dubai Statistics Center, which is 2.35%, as it is the methodology used in calculating the annual adjustments of school fees.

In Dubai, the authority officially informed private schools of the cost of education approved for the school fees control framework for the next academic year.

“The framework for controlling school fees in Dubai adopts a scientific methodology and international technical standards, linking the quality of education with the cost of education index, taking into account the interests of students and the educational process, and provides an appropriate environment for investors in the authority Education sector".

He pointed out that the unique diversity of educational curricula and cultures is a distinctive feature of the special education system in Dubai.

Darwish mentioned the opening of 72 new private schools, distributed in various residential areas in the Emirate of Dubai, during the past seven years. More than 70,000 male and female students attended Dubai Private Schools during the same period, with a 31% increase in student numbers, which reflects the attractiveness of the private education sector in Dubai to educational service providers on the one hand, and to families of different cultures and nationalities, on the other hand.

According to the school fees control framework in Dubai, some schools are allowed to submit an application for exceptional increases in fees to the authority, based on specific criteria under the "fair rate of return".

As for non-profit schools, they are not subject to the framework for controlling school fees, provided that they consult with parents, and that they obtain the approval of the Board of Trustees before announcing any amendments to their fees, so that the parents are informed in advance of these amendments.

The annual figures for the reality of private education in Dubai indicate that the number of students enrolled in private schools in Dubai increased by 2.9% in the current academic year 2019-2020 compared to the academic year 2018-2019.