Someone fires on U.S. military vehicles in Syria Rebound against U.S. forces increases on February 13 at 8:05

In Syria during the civil war, someone fired and fired at a U.S. military vehicle that was patrolling, and human rights groups reported that one had died in a U.S. military counterattack. There is likely to be a further rebound against the US military there.

U.S. military vehicles were surrounded by residents and militants from Assad's side at a checkpoint near Kamishri in northeast Syria on Tuesday, a Syrian human rights watchdog gathering information on the Syrian civil war. He was later fired and announced that one person had died in response to a U.S. military fire.

Images from the local scene show that people gathered along the road are throwing stones one after another against a vehicle carrying the American flag.

A U.S.-led volunteer spokeswoman announced that one U.S. Army soldier had been scuffed after acknowledging that the vehicle being patrolled had been fired by someone and responded to self-defense. Did.

Syria's state news agency reports that there was an airstrike by the U.S. military near the scene following the collision, and there is concern that the rebound against the U.S. military would be stronger on-site, and that such a collision would continue.