On Tuesday, the Vilhelmina municipal council met to review the savings that need to be made in the municipality. Finance in Vilhelmina Municipality has reached a serious situation and the municipality is now forced to borrow SEK 82 million to manage operations.

The decision that is being passed on to the next municipal council is to close the schools in Nästansjö and Malgovik and move grade 6 to the Hembergs school, the municipality announces in a press release. The proposal for the closure of the village schools has been added to apply to the autumn term 2020 and to move year 6 to the Hembergs school in the autumn of 2021.

Savings to wait

The municipality will also implement organizational changes at Volgsjö school and the Hembergs school. Malgomajskolan will also be commissioned to save SEK 10 million. In 2020, the Social Committee will reduce its staff costs by SEK 3 million.

- There are many municipalities in Sweden that live under tough economic savings, and Vilhelmina is no exception. We are aware that this will have consequences, but we must implement the measures to take our responsibility for the municipality's finances and development, ”says Annika Andersson (C), chair of the local council, in a press release.

The City Council will now decide on the proposal and will meet on March 2.