A container ship lost five containers on Tuesday afternoon 43 kilometers north of Ameland, reports the coastguard. The coast guard is on site to locate the containers.

The ship OOCL RAUMA had departed from Finland and was on its way to the port of Rotterdam. According to the coastguard, it concerns "so far" five containers.

The coastguard came on site with a ship and the Coastguard plane, among other things. Two closed containers and one open container were found. Paper rolls are probably floating next to the containers.

OOCL RAUMA has a capacity of 1,425 containers and is 179 meters long. Because the ship came from German waters, the crew of the vessel was not called to report to the coast guard. The ship therefore did not have to follow the coastguard's advice - to take the northern sailing route in bad weather and wave heights from 5 meters.

The coastguard reports that the ship was sailing on the southern sailing route outside the lane. "A captain can decide to do this if the ship slows down, for example due to bad weather conditions. Then a ship cannot continue to sail on the shipping route because it can block other ship traffic," explains a coast guard spokesperson.

According to the spokesperson, bad weather may have played a role in losing the load. But what exactly happened has yet to be investigated.