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The "storm of the century" wreaked havoc across Europe - at least five died


At least five people died in storm Ciara, which also disrupted traffic across the continent.

At least five people died on Monday during storm Ciara across Europe. Also known as the storm of the British press in the century, Ciara destroyed property, caused traffic chaos and lost electricity.

Watch the video above of how a British Airways passenger plane rolled in during the storm in Ciara.

In southern Sweden, one person died and another disappeared after their boat crashed. In both Britain and Slovenia, motorists died when a tree fell on the cars they were driving. In southern Poland, on the other hand, a mother and her little daughters died after being hit by a roof torn by a storm.

In addition, in Germany alone, at least three people were injured after falling under falling trees.

Violent waves rock the breakwater in Wimereux.


Hundreds of flights and train services were canceled in northwest Europe because of the storm. In Britain, Ireland and France, a total of one hundred thousand homes were left without electricity. In parts of northern France, people were urged to stay at home and avoid the coast because of potential storms.

In the north of Britain there were widespread floods as early as Sunday, but the country's meteorological department still warned of strong winds, downpours and snowstorms on Mondays.

The waves were also shaking with force to the shore in Brighton.

Photo: Hugo Michiels / Zumapress

Ferry traffic across the English Channel was suspended on Sunday, but ferries resumed on Monday.

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Wind turbines ceased operations

Storm winds also knocked down trees and scaffolding and damaged buildings. In Frankfurt, Germany, for example, the cathedral was badly damaged when crane cranes toppled over it.

All wind farms off the Belgian coast stopped power milling because the turbines automatically stopped for safety reasons.

Heavy traffic was in difficulty on the A20 near Dover.

Photo: Stephen Lock / Zumapress

In Germany, traffic on all major lines was suspended due to a storm.

Hundreds of flights had to be canceled at least at the airports of Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Hanover.

Hundreds of flights were also canceled at Schiphol, Amsterdam's third busiest airport in Europe.

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