China President Xi Visits medical facilities and other facilities Emphasizes corporate support and employment measures February 11 7:49

The new infection continues to expand China's corona virus of, among the impact on the economy is a concern, as Xi Jinping Jintao "it is necessary to prevent a large-scale restructuring", the force also in employment measures along with the support of the company I emphasized the attitude of putting.

In China, corporate activities have resumed in Beijing and Shanghai for the first time in about half a month since October 10. However, some companies will continue to work from home to prevent infection, and full resumption is expected to take some time.

Against this backdrop, China Central Television of the state-owned Xi Jinping Jintao is 10 days, was reported to have visited the medical facilities to treat patients infected with Beijing.

Mr. Xi said he had a conversation with doctors in a mask and consulted with government officials about the response.

In this context, President Xi stated that it is necessary to thoroughly prevent infection and minimize the impact on the economy, saying, "We must encourage companies to resume their activities and provide financial support to those who were greatly affected. No. "

He added, "We need to pay close attention to employment issues and prevent large-scale restructuring."

Despite concerns about the impact on China's economy, Mr. Xi may also want to appeal for support to companies and workers and reduce the upset.

President Xi “The situation in Hubei and Wuhan is very severe”

And depends on the China Central Television of the state-owned, Xi Jinping Jintao 10 days, open the government officials and the conference call that is sent to the top and local Hubei Province, Hubei Province and Wuhan of the situation of the "current is still, very severe "The local community is still seriously affected by the new coronavirus infection.

He reiterated, "We must take stronger and more decisive measures to stop the spread of infection."