New virus Hong Kong Two people confirmed in the same apartment house Separation of some residents 5:02 on February 11

Hong Kong's health officials have announced that two new coronavirus infections have been identified in residents of the same apartment complex, and that some measures will be taken, such as isolating some of the residents at designated facilities.

Hong Kong health officials held an emergency call early in the morning on Friday to confirm that a 62-year-old woman living in a 35-story apartment house in the New Territories district has been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus.

In this apartment complex, a case of a 75-year-old man living on a separate floor from a woman was confirmed last month as well.

For this reason, hygiene authorities deemed that the infection may have spread in the building, and transported 34 residents, who are part of the apartment complex, to a hospital if they had symptoms such as fever, for examination. In addition to receiving the condition, those without symptoms are to be quarantined for the time being at government-designated facilities.

In Hong Kong, 42 infected people have been identified so far, and there is concern that the spread of the disease in the area. With 299 people killed in Hong Kong in 2003, the spread of infections in large condominiums caused a large number of deaths, raising concerns among citizens about the spread of infections in apartment buildings.