Speed ​​record broken for three commercial aircraft between New York and London. Thanks to the Ciara storm sweeping Europe, three planes took advantage of strong tailwinds to land in the British capital in less than five hours, faster than the Boeing Dreamliner of the low-cost long-haul Norwegian, which had linked the two major cities in 5:13 in 2018, a record for a traditional commercial flight.

The fastest was a British Airways aircraft, according to the flight tracking website Flightradar24. The Boeing 747-436 of the British company covered the 5,554 kilometers separating New York from the British capital in 4:56, specified Flightradar24.

Concorde remains unmatched

Leaving from the New York airport of John F. Kennedy, it landed in London at 04:42 (local and GMT), with 103 minutes ahead of schedule (06:25), according to the website of the London Heathrow Airport.

"We always give priority to safety rather than speed records, but our highly qualified pilots took advantage of the (weather) conditions to bring passengers back to London well in advance of the scheduled time," welcomed British Airways in a statement.

The British Airways plane beat two Virgin Atlantic planes by one and two minutes, which covered the same distance in 4:57 and 4:59, according to Flightradar24.

The fastest transatlantic passenger flight ever made was by a Concorde in 1996 (2:52) between London and New York.

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