Demonstration of yellow vests during Act 10 in Bordeaux - M.Bosredon / 20Minutes

After the traditional demonstration of "yellow vests" this Saturday in Bordeaux, 29 people were placed in police custody, we learned Sunday from the prefecture, which speaks of a renewed tension.

She counted 800 participants in this undeclared event, with the presence of "a certain number of elements at risk", according to her. Public furniture and display cases were broken and garbage cans burnt down as protesters passed by. According to the prefecture, nine members of the police were injured.

Projectile jets and degradations

The 29 people placed in police custody were mainly responsible for projectiles, damage to public property and container fires, participation in regroupings with a view to committing violence, carrying of offensive material and concealment of the face, a detailed the prefecture.

The demonstrators had been, as every week, kept away from the hypercentre, cordoned off by the police and gendarmes, present in numbers on this day of the big sell-out by traders.

Former bastion of "yellow vests", Bordeaux had not experienced such participation on a Saturday since the end of last year. The Girondin capital had however returned to a strong mobilization for the first anniversary of the movement, on November 16, where they had been 1,800 to parade according to the prefecture (much more according to the organizers).

In recent weeks, the processions have brought together around 200 people, from a prefectural source.


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