The man who is a resident of Kalmar County should have contacted girls, usually younger than 15 years, through chat and video calls. There he has expressed himself sexually, persuaded the children to pose naked and perform sexual acts on themselves.

About 20 children have been exposed. In three cases, the prosecutor considers that the abuses have been so serious that they are comparable to intercourse, which is why he is also charged with rape in these cases.

He is also charged with, for example, sexual abuse, exploitation of children for sexual positioning and sexual abuse of children. These crimes must have been committed in 2013 and 2014.

Spread child porn

In addition to hearing with the children, there is also evidence in the form of chat conversations found on the defendant's computer.

The man is also prosecuted for gross child pornography crime. On a computer in his home, the police have found 21 images and 2,189 films with child pornographic material.

About half of the films portray abuse of children who are considered to be particularly ruthless. For two years, between 2015 and 2017, according to the prosecution, the man has spread child pornographic images and films to others.

First arrested in 2017

The man was arrested after a raid in April 2017 and was remanded in Christmas 2018, but the case has not gone to court until now.