Chinese doctor Li Winliang, who last December warned of the new Coronavirus, died of infection with the virus in Wuhan, China, on Thursday evening, according to Chinese government media reports.

The Chinese authorities had interrogated doctor Li Wen, accusing him of spreading rumors over the Internet and disturbing the social system in China, after he issued warnings about the spread of an advanced version of the Corona virus, which is the new corona virus known as "Wuhan" relative to the Chinese city where the disease spread .

According to (CNN), the Chinese doctor, who believed that the new virus is an advanced version of SARS, was transferred to hospital on January 12, after contracting the virus from his patient, and it was confirmed that he had contracted the disease on February 1.

According to the information he discloses more than a month after Corona appeared, Dr. Lee Wynn was the first doctor to write about the virus, referring in his blog to frightening SARS-like cases, calling for immediate measures including isolation and quarantine to deal with it.

Lee Win was forced to sign a government memo, condemning him for spreading false information and illegal behavior, and he was arrested for days on this charge, and that was the end of last December.

Doctor Li Win started the story he posted on the Chinese Weibo website, saying: "Hello everyone, this is Lee Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital."

Lee Wynne was working at the HIV epidemic in December when he noticed seven cases he had suspected at first glance were infected with the SARS virus - which broke out as a global pandemic in 2003.

The 7 cases were likely to come from Wuhan seafood market, and the injured were being quarantined in the hospital where doctor Li Weiliang works.

On December 30, Li Wen sent a message to his colleagues during a group chat on a local media, warning them of the virus spreading, and advised them to wear protective clothing to avoid infection.

After 4 days, officials from the Public Security Bureau visited him and obliged him to sign a paper stating that he was accused of "making incorrect comments" that resulted in "a serious violation of public order."

In the details of the story he posted on Weibo, Li Wen Liang told how he suffered from a cough on January 10, how he got a fever, and then he needed a bed in the hospital two days before his parents caught up with him.

For his part, Dr. Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the World Health Organization's emergency health program, when asked about the death of Chinese physician Li Win, the discoverer of the new coronavirus, said at a press conference in Geneva, “We feel very sad to hear of the loss of Li Wen Liang,” adding, To celebrate his life and mourn his death with his colleagues. ”

It is noteworthy that the World Health Organization announced in a press briefing on Thursday that the Corona virus is still an unknown enemy until now without a viable medicine, despite the increase in the number of research centers working on the virus in various countries of the world from 2500 centers to 7000 centers.

The Health Organization revealed that there is no documented information about the source of this epidemic, how it spread and the extent of the possible outbreak.

She said she would hold a meeting on February 11 and 12 of scientists worldwide to develop a research plan for a drug.

And about 560 people died in China as a result of infection with the new Corona virus, while the disease has spread to 250 cases in 25 countries around the world, while thousands have contracted the disease in China.