Illustration of a police intervention, here in Rennes. - C. Allain / APEI / 20 Minutes

"The trafficker grandpa". A 72-year-old man was thus nicknamed by the Rennes police. On Tuesday, they arrested him in the company of another man aged about fifty, in Rennes. The two men, of Albanian origin, are both suspected of having trafficked in heroin for several months.

Alerted in October, the drug squad has set up increased surveillance of the 72-year-old man. The latter had around twenty regular customers, who he met in PMU bars in the Breton capital. Investigators say the suspect has been trafficking since April.

Already sentenced to four and a half years in prison

Placed in police custody Tuesday evening, he was to be presented to a judge this Thursday. He is already well known to the police. His friend will be summoned to court. Already sentenced to four and a half years in prison in other cases, he has been imprisoned.


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