• Politics Santiago Abascal joins a summit with Mateo Salvini, Viktor Orban and the niece of Le Pen

"The worldview of conservatives is embodied every day by millions of common men and women and also by some men in history. Two of these are John Paul II and Ronald Reagan." With this memory to the pontiff and the American president, Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy , addressed the National Conservatism Conference that for two days has brought together the main leaders and representatives of the European right in a central hotel in Rome .

Under the name of 'God, honor and country', politicians, thinkers and conservative and nationalist leaders, among whom were Viktor Orban and Santiago Abascal, have claimed the Christian roots of Europe and defended the sovereignty of their nations against the Union European (EU). The guest of honor was the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, who was responsible for closing the meeting on Tuesday. Orban has said that the only way to succeed is "strengthening national identity." "Hungary is the only country in which the legislatures have always lasted four years. And this depends on the geopolitical situation : stability is the most important," said the Hungarian prime minister. "In other countries like Italy, nobody cares if there is a government or not," added the leader of Fidesz, arousing the laughter of the public. "Of course it is better if there is a government but the country and the economy continue. In other countries if there is no government, the effects are noticeable immediately, and this is the case in Hungary," he said.

The Hungarian president arrived in Rome on the same day that the European People's Party renewed the suspension to its formation. Fidesz has been suspended since 2019 in response to the authoritarian drift of its Government and the attacks against judicial independence and European institutions , but it does not find the necessary consensus among its members to expel it definitively. In Italy, however, Orban has always been well received. One of the main defenders of his policy is Matteo Salvini. However, the League leader canceled his participation at the last minute. The other is Silvio Berlusconi. The leader of Forza Italia has met with Orban outside the summit and claimed the permanence of the Hungarian president as an integral part of the European People's Party. "Forza Italia will continue working so that Viktor Orban does not leave the PPE family and has asked Fidesz to send a positive signal," reads a note after the meeting.

In case you leave the PPE, you will not be short of offers. Giorgia Meloni has assured that if Fidesz leaves the 'popular', the most natural thing would be for him to join the Party of European Conservatives and Reformists to which his party belongs. "Viktor Orban is not a monster," said the leader of the Brothers of Italy. "The European Parliament is upset by the fact that Orban is one of the heads of government who believe that being in Europe does not mean giving up their own sovereignty," Meloni said. "This is why while we defend Italian sovereignty, we do not forget to also defend that of Hungary or that of Kaczynski's Poland, which are being attacked by European progressive media," he added.

The Hungarian prime minister has also met with the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, who has attended among the public but has not participated in the conference of European conservatives. "Leaders like Orban represent the future of Europe," Abascal said after noting that both parties share a common vision of the European project. The leader of Vox has defined the summit in Rome as a "fruitful" meeting aimed at "joining forces in the defense of a Europe based on respect for the sovereignty and identity of their nations, and on the protection of our borders, our freedom and our prosperity. "

The former French deputy Marion Maréchal , niece of the current leader of the extreme right-wing group National Association, Marine Le Pen, has also participated in the summit. In his speech, Maréchal has warned against the "Islamization of France" and defended the Christian roots of Europe. For the granddaughter of the old founder of the National Front, Europe needs conservative and nationalist forces to preserve societies because, in her opinion, only these ideologies will be able to "defend the needs of the human soul: order, freedom, obedience, responsibility, hierarchy, honor, security. " And also the ecology. In a nod to Greta Thunberg, Maréchal has assured that saving the environment "must be the natural battle of the conservatives. I'm sorry Greta."

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