Evo Morales (left) and Luis Arce, his party's presidential candidate, on January 27, 2020 in Buenos Aires. - Aitor Pereira / EFE / SIPA

Despite his exile in Argentina, Evo Morales intends to continue to have a direct influence on the politics of Bolivia. Unable to run for a new presidential term on May 3, the former president chose to go through another door. He thus formalized his candidacy for the Senate on Monday during the legislative elections which will be held on the same day as the presidential election.

Luis Arce MAS candidate for the presidential election

The one who left power on 10 November is at the top of the list of the Movement towards socialism (MAS) - comprising eight candidates for the Senate (four incumbents and four substitutes) - for the region of Cochabamba, in the south of the country, d 'after the information published on the website of the electoral court.

Jeanine Añez, interim president of Bolivia, will therefore not have succeeded in preventing Evo Morales from making his return to the voters. However, it had promulgated on 24 November a law calling for new presidential and legislative elections which prohibits anyone who has served two consecutive elected terms from standing for a third. This closed the door to a new candidacy for Evo Morales, 60, who has already served three terms. It was therefore the former Minister of the Economy, Luis Arce, who was appointed by the MAS for the presidential race.

Morales party still very popular

A survey by the Mercados y Muestras institute carried out last week attributed Luis Arce to 26% of the voting intentions, followed by former centrist president Carlos Mesa and by right-wing regional leader Luis Fernando Camacho (17%). The acting president, also a candidate, collects 12%. The elections of May 3 aim to elect the president, the vice-president as well as 36 senators and 120 deputies. In the event of a second round, the ballot will take place on June 14.


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